Tuesday 26th June, 10am-1pm, Half Moon Lake, Suffolk Road

Bookings: lisa.critchley@belfasthills.org


This course will introduce you to key native pond plants and non-native invasive pond plant species, the impact of the invasives and what to do if you see them. The course will begin by familiarising participants with key native pond plants. We will then look at the main non-native, invasive pond plant species and what their impact on our ponds can be. Following this, the course will cover what can be done if these non-native species are seen in a pond in Northern Ireland. We will then head out to have a look at the pond plant species in the Half Moon Lake to put to the test what we have learned.

As part of this course is outside, please wear suitable outdoor clothing and sturdy footwear. We will provide tea, coffee and biscuits for a comfort break before we go out to the pond.


Spaces are limited so book sooner rather than later. To book email Lisa at lisa.critchley@belfasthills.org