Tuesday 9th October, 10am-1pm, Rathfern Social Activity Centre and Carnmoney Hill

Bookings: lisa.critchley@belfasthills.org


This course will introduce you to why, when and how tree seeds are collected and then grown. We will begin by explaining why collecting tree seeds is important in relation to the impacts various tree diseases have on our woodland and hedgerow habitats. We will then look into when and how some tree seeds are collected and grown before a short comfort break. The course will then take us outside onto Carnmoney Hill to try our hand at seed collection and growing preparations.

As part of this course is outside, please wear suitable outdoor clothing and sturdy footwear. We will provide tea, coffee and biscuits for a comfort break before we go out on to the hill.


Spaces are limited so book sooner rather than later. To book email Lisa at lisa.critchley@belfasthills.org