Our volunteers play a fundamental role in almost everything we do. Whether it’s planting trees at an old quarry site, carrying out big river cleans, or managing the spread of invasive species, we need your help to continue our work. Whether you’re a seasoned conservationist or a novice, we have a task that will suit you.


I’m John, the Volunteer and Outreach Officer. I’m responsible for co-ordinating the Belfast Hills Volunteering Programme. Currently, our volunteers meet three times per week and at the end of each month we also hold a Big Saturday Task for those who may not be available during the week. Volunteering outdoors can be physically challenging at times but it also provides a great variety of tasks within interesting locations across the Belfast hills. As a team, we carry out various conservation tasks as well as sharing information, knowledge and skills. We work through all seasons and weather, helping to protect our environment and wild spaces and the wildlife that make their home in the hills. Volunteering with Belfast Hills Partnership is a great way stay active, breathe fresh air, meet like-minded people and learn more about the rich variety of habitats and wildlife that we have here in our uplands. If this sounds like something you’re looking for then we’d love to hear from you.




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Volunteer Roles

Conservation Volunteers

Our Conservation Volunteers get together every Thursday morning and on the fourth Saturday of every month. There is a huge variety of tasks that we carry out and you can come along as often or as little as you want. Click the title for all information.


Tree & Hedge Planting Volunteer

This is a seasonal volunteer role where volunteers will help the Belfast Hills Partnership to plant trees and hedging plants on a variety of sites across the Hills. Click the title for all information.


Wildlife Survey Volunteer

This seasonal volunteer role will increase your survey skills and experience as well as biodiversity identification. Click the title for all information.


Volunteer Hills Ranger

The Volunteer Hills Rangers act as extra eyes and ears in the Belfast Hills, sending in monthly reports on a given site in the Hills. This role requires lone volunteering on a set site in the Belfast Hills. Click the title for all information.


Even if you are not a Volunteer Ranger, you too can help us look after the Hills by reporting any issues or points of interest to us. Please see the ‘Anything to Report’ tab and follow the instructions.



The tasks we do are selected to appeal to as large a volunteer group as possible and so all abilities, ages and backgrounds are welcomed. As such, you don’t need any experience at all to get involved, but any that you do have will be put to good use. All we ask is that you come along with a smile, can-do attitude and clothes/sturdy footwear that you don’t mind getting dirty!


Given the physical nature of some of our tasks, as outlined in the role descriptions, if you require some level of support or assistance or have any concerns, please contact our Volunteer Officer and they will be able to give you the best advice on how you can volunteer with us or another local organisation.


We’re a really friendly bunch and love to meet new people from all walks of life. Anyone interested in volunteering for the Belfast Hills Partnership should get in touch with our Volunteer and Outreach Officer, Lisa Critchley: lisa.critchley@belfasthills.org / 02890 603466


Essential Volunteering Information

Volunteer Handbook

This handbook provides you with essential information about volunteering with us as well as a broad introduction to the Belfast Hills Partnership.

Volunteer Interest Form

The Interest Form can be printed and posted, scanned or emailed back to our Volunteer Officer who will contact you upon receipt of the form with additional information. It is also available in hard copy in the Volunteer Information Pack which the Volunteer Officer can give to you.

Volunteer Feedback Form

Feedback is really important and I welcome all. It is a way of developing the volunteer programme to make it the best possible fit for everyone. It gives volunteers the opportunity to request training and tasks and also an opportunity to let me know how they feel about the volunteering opportunities. The Feedback Form can be printed and posted, handed to me at a task, put in the plastic-pocket in the ‘goodie-bag’ at tasks or emailed back to me.


Volunteer Policies and Processes Available Training


Watch this space for 2020’s training programme!


Please note: a certain amount of places will be reserved for Belfast Hills Partnership volunteers so book sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment!

Bookings: lisa.critchley@belfasthills.org / 02890 603466


Anything to Report

There are certain issues and species which we like to receive reports on. If you are out and about in the Belfast Hills and notice anything worthy of reporting, please feel free to email the lisa.critchley@belfasthills.org with your sightings recorded on the report sheet.



What to report:


Invasive species

Key species


Report sheet


Volunteer Rangers

Report sheet


Site specific species list


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