About the Partnership

The Belfast Hills Partnership (BHP) is an independent charity which seeks to improve how the hills are managed. We will do this by working with our partners including local councils, government departments, community groups, nature conservation organisations and businesses committed to caring for the Belfast Hills and their people.

The Belfast Hills Partnership acts for all sides and interests in the hills.

We bring together statutory bodies with a role to play, including the four councils of Belfast, Lisburn, Newtownabbey and Antrim. These are joined by people from farming, the settlements, commercial enterprises and the recreation and environmental sectors.

All these groups have pledged to work together to solve problems and forge new initiatives to benefit the hills.

What we do

  • Strive to protect the wildlife of the Belfast Hills
  • Combat invasive species that threaten our native plants and animals
  • Record wildlife and protect habitats
  • Woodland creation and restoration
  • Improve access and develop routes.
  • Produce leaflets, provide information and facilitate volunteering opportunities
  • Commission environmental research
  • Organise events, produce newsletters and manage website
  • Support local agriculture and communities
  • Scrutinise planning applications that may affect the Belfast Hills
  • Make sure government departments consider the Belfast Hills when making decisions
  • Encourage healthy walking


In order to achieve our aims, we are a Registered Company (Company Number NI053189) and Charity (Inland Revenue No. XR70288, Charity Commission NI No. 100859).