A fascinating tapestry of living, working and playing in the Belfast Hills made by the last rural community in Belfast has been created after two years of hard work.

Women from Hannahstown Community Association near St Joseph’s church that looks out over  west Belfast have embroidered, sewn, illustrated designed and stitched for many months to create a unique labour of love that pays homage to their area.

Divis and Black Mountain form the backdrop of the quilt, just as they do for the Hannahstown community who live entwined with the mountains.

Incorporated are iconic Hannahstown landmarks including Hannahstown church, Post Office, the TV road built through the Magill family farm and Brendarragh Terrace affectionately known as ‘The Red Row’.

Aspects of life – past and present – are illustrated from farming, quarrying, the famour rumbling hole. wildlife, hill walkers to the TV masts, complete with aviation warning lights.

“The quilt also depicts the waterfall in the area, which was formed when quarrying started at the bottom of the Tornaroy River in the late 1950s and 1960s. As the rock was blasted up the river, the waterfall became higher to the height it is today,”  said Hannahstown Community Association chairman Jim McCormick.

To view this remarkable and beautiful tapestry, contact Hannahstown Community Association on 02890309795.

To view the leaflet click here.


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