Belfast Hills Partnership have made their latest talk, Old Names of the Belfast Hills, available to watch online.

Belfast Hills Partnership Manager, Jim Bradley, delivered an hour long talk entitled Old Names of the Belfast Hills in January 2022. This talk is a fascinating examination of names around the Belfast hills including surnames, townland names and place names.

Poster advertising the Old Names of the Belfast Hills talk.
The online talk, which was originally broadcast in January 2022 has now become available to watch on demand.

The talk explores the townlands, field names and common surnames of the Belfast Hills which have endured and evolved over the course of history. These invaluable stores of information can help us trace the heritage and genealogy of the Belfast Hills through their landscape, folklore and history.

Watch Back Online

Due to high demand and interest from the general public the talk has now been made available to watch back online. Simply click the video below to watch or visit our YouTube channel.

If you would like to know more, please visit the Townlands section of our website or learn more about your ancestors.