A number of art works were already present in the Belfast Hills, mostly mosaics and carved wooden benches in keeping with the natural settings. Through this project we facilitated the opportunity to introduce new, more innovative and ambitious artwork that will help interpret elements of the Belfast Hills.


Five different art pieces were planned with designs by local communities through workshop sessions and local artists. The art works reflected different elements of the Belfast Hills landscape and the sense of place that the groups involved in them have for their local areas.


  • Local school children in North Belfast forged a set of seats which were placed at a spectacular viewpoint on Cave Hill. This cross community art project involved the children from the conception of the design right through to bronze casting of the artwork.
  • The Hannahstown community tackled the issue of social isolation, which can arise in spread-out rural communities, by coming together once a week to make a beautiful quilt. The quilt depicts the built and natural heritage as well as local folk law of the townland of Hannahstown and can be viewed in Hannhastown Community Centre.
  • The local youth group in Carnmoney made a circular seat which illustrated the area’s rich history. This practical piece of art allows the public to enjoy a rest whilst taking in the surroundings, including a pond frequented by moor hens, coots, mallards and a resident grey heron.
  • The Ligoniel Village Linen Project involved a local primary school, youth group, community group and history group to produce a beautiful sculpture which reflected the linen heritage of the area as well as the natural heritage. The sculpture stands 4m tall and casts a beautiful shadow when the sun shines.
  • The Half Moon Lake in West Belfast was the focus for the final art piece of the project. Local school children were involved in the design of the floor mosaic which welcomes visitors at the entrance of the Half Moon Lake. The children learned a lot about the local wildlife which inspired their designs.