People out and about in the Belfast Hills were surveyed at various times from 2009 to 2012 and asked about the sites they used, their opinions of them and if they thought any improvements could be made. The most common improvement asked for was signage. This signage consisted of interpretative panels providing information about aspects of the site, and directional signage showing people where to go. To provide a coherent look and feel for signage in the Belfast Hills area, a Belfast Hills brand was developed and adopted by all landowning partners in the Belfast Hills. On this basis new site welcome signage was developed.

The Belfast Hills produced and distributed about 60,000 basic walking map and guide leaflets which describe how to get to the major public sites in the Belfast Hills, these leaflets are still available today. A constant request however was for a proper OS map of the Belfast Hills, which people can use to get to a site and orientate themselves once they enter it. This OS map was produced through the Landscape Partnership Scheme and is still available to purchase.

To purchase your copy please click here or head into Belfast City centre where these retailers also sell the map: Tourist Information Centre; Discover Outdoors. The Divis Coffee Barn also has copies available for purchase.

Innovative interpretation using smart phone technology was also developed and can be used to educate people about sites without the need to clutter these natural and unspoiled areas with numerous signs. A unique Belfast Hills App was produced to enable users to learn more about the Belfast Hills.

Click here to download our app

A heritage exhibition was created and displayed on a regular basis in local libraries, community centres and council offices. The heritage exhibition is still being displayed post-Landscape Partnership Scheme, so if you manage a public space and are interested in displaying this exhibition please get in touch.