The DAERA Woodland Grant Scheme has reopened for 2023. Belfast Hills Partnership can offer free advice, guidance and materials for increasing tree coverage on your land.

Woodland Grants are designed to support landowners to plant new woodlands for environmental and economic benefits. There are two grants available; the Forest Expansion Scheme and the Small Woodland Grant Scheme.

The Forest Expansion Scheme aims to encourage landowners to plant a wide range of sustainable new woodlands of three hectares and larger. The Small Woodland Grant Scheme is particularly designed to support landowners to plant smaller scale new native woodlands that are at least 0.2 hectares in size.  The scheme funds planting of trees, new stock fencing where required and annual premium payments for a 10-year period.

“Planting new woodlands is widely recognised as having an important role in mitigating impacts of climate change. The trees absorb carbon as they grow and store it […] Well designed new woodlands also enhance the landscape, environment, create new habitats and support farm business sustainability […].”

Forest Service Chief Executive, John Joe O’Boyle.

How Belfast Hills Partnership Can Help

Belfast Hills Partnership can offer free advice, guidance and materials for landowners hoping to apply to either scheme.

  • Assistance with identifying suitable funding and applying to available grants
  • Advice and guidance through every stage; from planting through to completion
  • Conduct a FREE site visit
  • Help you increase the tree cover and diversity on your land
  • Improve existing hedgerows to increase boundary and bio-security
  • Restore existing woodland

Get in touch with Laura, our Woodland Officer, to discuss your options today. Call 028 9060 3466 or email [email protected]


Landowners hoping to plant this Winter are reminded that all applications must be submitted to Forest Service before 3pm on Thursday 31 August 2023. Early applications are encouraged.

Small Woodland Grant Scheme applications must be submitted through DAERA Online Services by 10pm on Thursday 31 August 2023.